Exploring Nehemiah: Lessons in Leadership and Faith A Mini-Course by Bishop Andy C. Lewter, D. Min.

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  • Exploring Nehemiah: Lessons in Leadership and Faith A Mini-Course by Bishop Andy C. Lewter, D. Min.





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Course Description:

Join us in this engaging mini-course as we delve into the character of Nehemiah from the Old Testament. Through four illuminating lessons, we will journey through Nehemiah's story, uncover Christian doctrines derived from his experiences, explore the enduring impact of his life on our behavior today, and ponder how his narrative can shape the future.

Lesson 1: Rediscovering Nehemiah's Narrative In our first lesson, we will embark on a captivating retelling of Nehemiah's story. From his humble beginnings to his rise as a trusted advisor to the king of Persia, we will explore the challenges he faced and the unwavering faith that propelled him forward. Through engaging discussions and insightful analysis, we will glean valuable lessons from Nehemiah's journey of restoration and leadership.

Lesson 2: Unpacking Christian Doctrines in Nehemiah's Tale In our second lesson, we will delve deeper into the Christian doctrines embedded within Nehemiah's narrative. From themes of perseverance and prayer to the importance of community and stewardship, we will uncover timeless truths that resonate with believers today. Through biblical exploration and theological reflection, we will uncover the spiritual richness of Nehemiah's story and its relevance to our faith journey.

Lesson 3: Applying Nehemiah's Principles to Contemporary Behavior In our third lesson, we will examine the profound impact of Nehemiah's character on our behavior and actions in the modern world. Through case studies and real-life examples, we will explore how Nehemiah's principles of integrity, courage, and servant leadership can inform our personal and professional conduct. From inspiring acts of social justice to fostering inclusive communities, we will discover practical ways to embody Nehemiah's legacy in our daily lives.

Lesson 4: Envisioning Nehemiah's Legacy for the Future In our final lesson, we will envision how the story of Nehemiah can continue to inspire and guide future generations. Through strategic planning and creative brainstorming, we will explore innovative ways to apply Nehemiah's wisdom to contemporary challenges and opportunities. Whether through educational initiatives, community projects, or global advocacy efforts, we will explore how Nehemiah's story can serve as a beacon of hope and transformation in an ever-changing world.

What Students Will Learn

In this dynamic course centered around the character of Nehemiah, students will embark on a multifaceted exploration of leadership, faith, and the enduring impact of biblical narratives. Through engaging retellings of Nehemiah's story, students will gain a deep understanding of his journey and the challenges he overcame. They will uncover rich Christian doctrines embedded within Nehemiah's narrative, learning how these timeless truths can shape their own spiritual journey. Furthermore, students will analyze Nehemiah's principles of integrity, courage, and servant leadership, discovering practical applications for their own lives and communities. Finally, students will envision how Nehemiah's legacy can inspire future generations, engaging in strategic planning and innovative thinking to apply his wisdom to contemporary challenges. By the course's end, students will emerge with a profound appreciation for Nehemiah's character and a renewed sense of purpose in their own lives.

Exploring Nehemiah: Lessons in Leadership and Faith A Mini-Course by Bishop Andy C. Lewter, D. Min.


About the teacher


Bishop Andy C. Lewter brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to our community. A distinguished graduate of Oberlin College and Harvard Divinity School, he further honed his expertise at the United Theological Seminary in Dayton, OH, where he earned his Doctor of Ministry Degree. With a passion for teaching and a commitment to sharing the transformative power of scripture, Bishop Lewter has developed over 100 online courses over the past two decades.

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